Outreach Committee Announces Proposal Process

by Shawn Wildermuth

The .NET Foundation's Outreach Committee is happy to announce that we've finalized our proposal process. If you have an idea or project that you think can help promote the adoption of .NET, C#, F#, or other related technologies, you can now propose projects directly to the .NET Foundation.

Here is the process in depth:

Outreach Committee Proposal Process

Members can secure resources from the .NET Foundation to lead and implement outreach initiatives. Initiatives will be determined via the proposal process. These proposals can be of any size, but should be towards the goals of extending the reach of .NET and membership of the .NET Foundation in general.

How Do I Make a Proposal?

If you have an idea or project that you want to propose to the .NET Foundation's Outreach Committee, simply create an issue for your proposal using the provided template. The information you will need for the proposal includes:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Measure of impact (this can be number of people reached, potential size of group, current number of meetup members...etc)
  • Requested Budget
  • Size of Comittee Requested (how many people do you need to get this off the ground)
  • Which Goal and Priority is this project aligned with
  • How will we know this project has been successful?

What is the Proposal Approval Process?

Proposals will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Each Proposal will be reviewed in several steps:

  1. Initial Response: Within seven-days of submission, one of the committee members will respond to the issue created with a short response of when we will move to the second part of the approval. The committee member who responds shall be responsible for getting the proposal added to the next monthly Outreach Committee meeting.
  2. Committee Meeting: During the next monthly Outreach Committee meeting, a discussion will be had if the proposal has merit and is within scope and budget of the Outreach committee. This step usually will result in one of four possible results:
    1. Approved.
    2. Declined.
    3. Need more information (Proposal owner may be asked to attend the Outreach Committee to discuss the proposal).
    4. Need to bring the proposal to the .NET Foundation Board meeting (usually required if needed more than Outreach has for budget).
  3. Board Meeting: As is necessary, we will bring proposals to the .NET Foundation Board of Directors to get approval to use additional budget if possible.

What Kinds of Proposals are We Looking For?

We are looking for proposals large and small that help us reach communities of all different types. We are interested in proposals that help expose developers to .NET around the world.

To propose a project, just visit the project:

Issues List

And pick "Proposal":

Outreach Proposal Screenshot

You can then just fill out the simple post and we'll take it to our monthly meeting! It's that simple:

Outreach Issue

Thanks for helping us grow the .NET ecosystem.

Shawn Wildermuth
.NET Foundation Outreach Committee