by Claire Novotny

Here's the January 2020 .NET Foundation update. Every month, we'll give you a quick overview of the .NET Open Source landscape, including top project news, events, community links and more.

This month's update includes:

  • Foundation Updates
  • Committee Updates
  • Project Updates

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Foundation Updates

The board has decided to hold its meetings on the third Thursday of every month. The next board meeting is scheduled for 2/20. At the last meeting, the board discussed the current action group structure and decided to narrow focus. The new committees will be:

  • Membership - processing new member applications and setting membership policies
  • Projects - project support requests and processing new project applications
  • Outreach - anything that touches the broader community, from members to sponsors, speakers, meetup groups
  • Marketing - Be the megaphone to spread the message of openness in the .NET ecosystem through storytelling, branding, sponsorships and commuinications.

The board is working to define a charter and specifics of how each committee will be run. Please participate with the committees by joining them here

Committee Updates

  • Marketing committee has started regular meetings for all members and the committee members. Please visit the working group repo for information.
  • Member Content submissions and amplifications - if you'd like to propose writing content or just want to promote something via the @dotnetfdn Twitter handle, submit your content creation and amplificaion requests here.
  • Projects - Revising our processes for committee participation, reviewing new project applications, onboarding approved projects, and monitoring health of Foundation projects. Working through onboarding tasks for the backlog of recently accepted projects.

.NET Foundation Project Updates


Cake 0.36.0 version

A new year, a new release, this marks the first Cake release for 2020, a release packed with several features, improvements and fixes i.e:

  • .NET Core 3.1 support
  • New core maintainer
  • Improved native dependencies support
  • GitHub actions support

Full details in Cake v0.36.0 released blog post.

Cake v0.37.0 released

The second release for 2020 is here, we've got a few improvements and fixes, highlights:

  • Cake.Tool one million downloads
  • Improved GitHub action support
  • Support for latest GitReleaseManager features
  • Improved stack traces for exceptions

Full details in Cake v0.37.0 released blog post.


This month brought releases for two of our projects:

NUnit VSTest Adapter 3.16.0 (release notes) and 3.16.1 (release notes). Major changes in 3.16:

  • Support has been removed for .NET Core 1.* which is no longer supported by Microsoft. If you do have .NET Core 1.* solutions and can't upgrade, you should stay with version 3.15.1 or lower of the adapter.

  • The filter syntax issues we've had with special names and characters have been mostly solved thanks to excellent work by John M. Wright. See PR 668 for a detailed explanation of what has been done.

  • You can now use the NUnit filter syntax, either from command line or through settings in the runsettings file. The idea and implementation were provided by Michael Letterle who wrote a great blogpost to explain how this works and how he arrived at the solution.

NUnit Console and Engine 3.11 (release notes). This release fixes a range of minor bugs and includes a significant amount of internal restructuring work. In future, this will enable improved .NET Standard support in the engine and a .NET Core build of the console.


From the Polly community this month:

Updates to Simmy (github; nuget), our sister project for chaos-engineering integrated with Polly. Version 0.3 released:

  • New Fluent-builder syntax for easier configuration
  • .NET Core 3.1 support

Polly.Contrib.DuplicateRequestCollapser (github; nuget): a new Polly policy to avoid downstream request storms when repopulating expensive cache items in high-throughput systems. Polly.Contrib.DuplicateRequestCollapser collapses concurrent duplicate requests into a single downstream call.


Our .NET Foundation sponsored .NET Meetup Pro groups are continuing to grow worldwide. Here are some quick stats:*

  • 348 Groups
  • 61 Countries
  • 272K Members

Our .NET Meetup Pro group helps developers find your group, as well as get involved with local events like .NET Conf Local. If your meetup hasn't joined yet, you can right here.

Map of meetup group locations