It’s official – we’re happy to welcome nine community leaders to the .NET Foundation Advisory Council – leaders who will bring their experience and passion to help steward open source .NET projects and continue on a path of open and transparent governance for the foundation.

The .NET Foundation Board has been selecting these individuals from an impressive roster, and we had to make some difficult choices to come up with the initial list. A few months down the road, we expect the Advisory Council to come up with a more participatory process to ensure that the next Advisory Council is selected by the .NET community at large.

Please join me in welcoming the newly minted Advisory Council members:

  • Shaun Walker – Software Architect. Ex-Project leader for DotNetNuke open source product and ecosystem.
  • Immo Landwerth – Senior Engineer from Microsoft .NET Framework team helping lead open source initiatives.
  • JB Evain – Founder and Project Leader at SyntaxTree open source projects. Senior Software engineer at Microsoft.
  • Daniel Roth – Senior Engineer from Microsoft ASP.NET Framework team helping lead open source initiatives.
  • Bill Wagner – Humanitarian Toolbox contributor, author and speaker for .NET technologies. C# MVP, and Regional Director for .NET Framework.
  • Phil Haack– Engineering Manager at GitHub with significant open source contributions and experience.
  • Mirco 'meebey' Bauer – Co-founder of Debian Mono Group, GNOME foundation member. CTO at GSD Software Design GmbH.
  • Marcus Wendt - Project Leader on Composite C1 OSS project and active speaker on .NET technologies.
  • Dominick Baier – Project Leader on ThinkTecture projects in .NET Foundation.

Many of you may know these individuals already, by collaborating through code or conferences, on a number of .NET-related projects. Each of them brings a record of independence, impartiality and candor, which will help guide key decisions affecting the direction of the foundation. We’re proud to have them represent the community and the foundation through their continued open source evangelism.

Our heartfelt thanks go to all those who stepped up and volunteered to help, especially to those who have not been selected just yet: just like everyone in the .NET community, we are looking forward to your continued participation and assistance as we continue our journey.

Advisory Council members look forward to any suggestion, criticism and assistance, as does the foundation board. Please continue to send us feedback as we work together for a stronger .NET open source community.


Gianugo Rabellino

Board Member, .NET Foundation

Senior Director of Open Source Communities at Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.