Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming the Polly project into the .NET Foundation. For those of you that are not familiar, Polly is a fluent, thread-safe .NET resilience and transient-fault handling library, with full sync and async support. It's great for use when building fault-tolerant systems and microservices and the library is getting picked up by more and more .NET projects so thrilled that they decided to become part of the .NET Foundation family.  Today also marks their V5.0 release into Alpha which brings a number of great features such as Bulkhead Isolation combined with Timeout and Fallback Policies as well as a PolicyWrap mechanism to allow you to combine strategies and have some defence in depth. These join their existing, well tested, retry and CircuitBreaker pattern implementations. The full release notes are available on GitHub. As every developer knows, once you start building code that talks to external systems you need to build resillience into those connections. Rather than hand-coding each instance and making similar mistakes, Polly allows you to build using a number of well defined primatives to help make sure you code behaves correctly and can fallback gracefully.  It's a very solid library with no additional dependencies so makes it easy to add into your application.

Joel, Dylan and the whole Polly team have worked incredibly hard on getting the V5.0 release into Alpha, however this is only the beginning. If Polly sounds like the sort of library you've been looking for then please give it a go, send them feedback and contribute improvements where you can.