Luis Matos

Hi there!

I am Luis Matos and I help companies and professionals to create value in their software products to offer higher quality, build more loyalty, and reach the desired audience through design and positioning strategies.

Through my agency (Malla Agency) I offer development services, strategic consulting, and automation of internal processes; and through my Personal Brand, I train professionals in design and mobile application development.

Through my website, I help thousands of people every month by sharing free articles, courses, apps, and resources.

How did I get where I am today?

System Engineer, Mobile Applications Developer, Designer, Consultant, and Entrepreneur are some of the characteristics that describe me. I began my career and gained experience in the labor market through software development, collaborating on numerous projects for various companies with a national and international presence.

Lover of mobility and mobile development, an area where today I am known for my collaborations through different communities. I am also a member, founder, and active collaborator in different technology communities.

Passionate about disruptive technologies, a movement that has led me to graduate from Blockchain Executive at the EOI Business School in Madrid, Spain.

Highlight that it has been my skills in areas of design, marketing, and business that have differentiated and promoted my professional career.

If you want to know more about my work see you on my website

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