João Antunes

Hi! My name is João Antunes. I work as a software engineer, mostly with .NET technologies, but I like to play around with other tech as well. My main interests are software architecture, design and development, with more focus on the backend but with a view of the whole stack.

When presenting/blogging/recording videos, I try to go through different kinds of subjects, like:

  • Showcasing the more typical technologies
  • Digging up more fringe topics and techs
  • Looking at higher level topics, less dependent on a specific tech stack, such as paradigms, patterns and approaches
  • Full-blown over-engineering, not only for the fun of it, but also for the nuggets that we can often extract from it into saner solutions

Hopefully, in any of the above, I learn something, share it and have some fun in the process 🙂.

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