James Turner
Adelaide, Australia



James Turner

G'day, I'm James Turner. I like programming and long walks on the beach...

More seriously though, I really enjoy building software and especially like contributing back through open source software. My background is varied from primarily doing lots of PHP and JavaScript to fully embracing .NET. I've created a number of different OSS .NET libraries over the years, either solving my own problems or just dabbling in a curiousity.


These are some of the projects I've made, all open source:

  • MongoFramework - An "Entity Framework"-like interface for MongoDB
  • InfinityCrawler - A simple but powerful web crawler in C#
  • Cache Tower - An efficient multi-layered caching system for .NET
  • Quickenshtein - A quick and memory efficient implementation of Levenshtein Distance with SIMD and Threading support

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