David Whitney

David is the founder of Electric Head Software, working as an independent software consultant based in London focusing on IT software delivery, developer mentoring and cultural change - mostly working with London-based organizations and start-ups.

David has previously served as the Technical Architect for JustGiving, and helped market-leading organizations such as JUST-EAT, Trainline, Euromoney and Vodafone improve their technical capabilities and culture across a variety of principal engineering and senior leadership roles. As a result of his community work, David is a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies.

David is also the best-selling author of the book "Get Coding!" - a children's programming book available worldwide, and its successor Get Coding 2! - covering videogame programming for 9-14 year olds.

There's a chance you've seen him talk at a spread of conferences, user groups and code-dojos around the UK over the last decade or indulged in bar-room programming debates after one.

You can find his open source projects on NuGet and GitHub, follow him on Twitter @david_whitney, or check out his technical blog at http://www.davidwhitney.co.uk/Blog.