David Rodriguez

I'm David Rodriguez, a Spanish Microsoft Regional Director and Azure Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, living in Tenerife, Canary Islands. On 2011, I co-founded Intelequia Software Solutions, a company focused on helping customers to adopt the cloud model, as well as the TenerifeDev user group.

Over the last years I worked at DNN Corp. (a.k.a. DotNetNuke) as the Cloud Team Lead engineer, building Evoq OnDemand and the new microservices architecture for DNN Platform based products and services. I have authored some open source modules for DNN and Azure available at GitHub, allowing to integrate Azure AD, Redis, Application Insights and many other services in the platform.

You can find me organizing the local user group once or twice per month, mainly talking about cloud related matters, and lately on building intelligent apps and bots with cognitive services, and of course, at the Global Azure Bootcamp in Madrid. I don't miss any Microsoft Inspire conference edition, so if you plan to go there we can meet and talk with a cup of coffee. BTW, if you come to the island, I will be happy to show you the best "guachinches" on Tenerife, only local people know the best ones.


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