Bruno Barrette

Hi !

My name's Bruno, I'm a developer and team lead at Done Technologies, where we create custom software for our clients, either as a full dedicated team or as an extension of an already existing team. I've worked in the pharmaceutical and financial domains in the past, but now I am more than focused on the variety my job offers as I am able to work on different projects that use varying technologies and different business areas that always ask me to learn new things.

I'm also a passionate developer and Microsoft MVP that loves to share content with the community. I am co-host of a French Youtube channel we've been doing since 2016, sharing anything from new features to tools and tips related to software development. More recently, I added blogging to the content I create to be able to offer another way of sharing my knowledge and even more recently I started speaking in conferences. So I am not a seasoned speaker per se, but slowly gaining experience on that matter while continuing to produce new videos and blogs.

I recently took a huge interest in Blazor, for which I thrive to become a reference on the subject. So anything related to Blazor, I'll be more than happy to jump in and collaborate!

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