.NET Foundation Campaign: Javier Lozano

Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you virtually! My name is Javier Lozano, and I am running for the .NET Foundation Board of Directors. I'm a Microsoft MVP for the past 14 years, have contributed to different open source projects, as well as ASP.NET. Also, I am the co-creator of .NET Conf, the largest virtual conference for .NET.

Why I'm Running

One of the reasons we started .NET Conf (originally MVC Conf and ASP Conf), was to provide a way for developers to share their passion for the technology they work on all day. We wanted to connect the community in different ways to make it feel welcoming and help push the adoption and usage of .NET.

I feel that from the technology side of things, .NET is pretty solid. We have a really smart, and passionate engineers creating new projects and extensions that make our overall ecosystem that much greater. That's why I would like to focus on the marketing and advocacy of these projects to both .NET developers and those interested in on the platform. Don't get me wrong, having a well documented Github repo is great but we I feel we can do more than just that. As the world is getting smaller with the use of telepresence, we can cover more area and provide solid and repeatable content to those that need or want it. Also we can start building the next generation of teachers that will influence future generations of software developers.

What do I mean when I say "marketing" and "advocacy" for projects? For starters, I don't think of marketing as in "ads" but more as in showcasing and bringing awareness to the project. For example, we can do a video that has the main authors/contributors talk about their project and why it was created. Focus is on the "why" rather than "how" (docs). From working with my consulting clients, there seems to be some confusion about usage, support, etc. when looking at open source resources. By providing better information and reach about the projects under the Foundation, we can start educating developers and organizations on the benefits each project can bring to their toolset.

The one thing I've learned from running .NET Conf for the past 10 years is that technology is always changing but the passion from developers stays true and the need to share it must be there to keep up with demand.

Thank you for your consideration!

My .NET Contributions

  • MVC Turbine - Simple open source project that put IoC front and center for ASP.NET NuGet
  • .NET Conf - The virtual conference for .NET
  • ASP.NET MVC - Participated in several design reviews for the early versions of ASP.NET MVC

My Community Contributions

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